Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Schools Days

I know that most of you have been waiting breathlessly for picts of my first day of school. Sorry that it took me until after the second day of school....but last night I caught up on some much needed sleep.

Well here Luke and Sam are in the dark...because we leave before the crack of dawn. I'm feeling a little silly and decide to join in the pict. Ever so attractive isn't it. You can't see that I have new hair....but you can see that I have a snazzy new OUTRAGEOUS jacket.

Well...walking up to room 29 you can see that you are welcomed.
You can see my atractive name plate that I made as well as my cool little clip.
This must be Mrs. Campbell's classroom. Are you noticing a little Maya Road here? It won't be the last. Also thanks to my friend Hiedi for the use of the Cricket! The letters were perfect!
This is the first view of my new second grade classroom. My husband said he thought I just looked at the classroom as a giant scrapbooking oportunity. He could be right.
There are little vignettes all around the room. Here is one with the stars above a bookcase.
Here is another about the file cabinets. There is a little cuttlebug action going on with the stars.
Oh! More Maya Road. The stars and pennants created a precious little valance about the two windows.More vignettes these are above the cabinets around the teacher station.

At my teacher station, I have this totally rockin' magnetic board.
Sam created this little vignette on a self at my teacher station. Is that some more Maya Road? LOL.
Here are my passes right next to the door. Hmmm....more Maya Road
Here are my boys for the traditional pict outside my classroom.
Here is Sam with his teacher Mrs. Quint outdside the school. She is a cute young thing.

Most of my supplies were from The Crafty Scrapper as you can see....so Clay totally could be right about the scrapbooking thing.

I so could not have gotten this classroom together without the help of my friends and family. I won't embarrass you by listing your names here...but you know who you are. My year is going to be totally awesome because of your great help! I love you guys!


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

YAY. You guys look awesome! Room is cheerful!

Christina said...

Your classroom is AMAZING!!! Nothing wrong with making a giant scrapbooking oportunity out of work.
I do! ;)


Sharie said...

What a fun classroom! Wishing you a wonderful 2008/2009 school year, my friend!

Stacie said...

Everything looks great!!

Diana said...

Dang; wish you could come decorate my classroom! It's not near this coordinated! Awesome!

Didi said...

What a GREAT room!!!! It should be in a magazine! Very very cool!

Dee Dee said...

Brook - The room looks truly fabulous! I bet all the kiddos think they have the best luck being assigned to you - sweet and creative. :)

Heidi said...

Brook, wow everything looks soo good. Way different than the day I got to visit you!

Maria said...

Brook, what an awesome job you did in your classroom! Hope you have a great year as well! Your boys are too cute! Maria

Kristie said...

Your room looks AWESOME!! I hope you have a great year as a 2nd grade teacher! Your boys are as cute as ever :)

Sara said...

Mahvalous Dahling! I completely love it... If you want some more "red/white/blue" star stuff LMK. I'm "decluttering" my decor for potential house sale... Let's talk :0)

With a room like that who WOUlDN'T think Mrs. Campbell was the BEST!?

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hey brook - sorry I havent been for a while. I guess I save it all up for a mammoth reading. Gotta say you ahve been super busy again and don't talk to me about that superb classrom. All that americana is driving me insane with envy. Seriously.
I hope you have a fabulous year and by the way - why on earth do you go to school in the dark?

Sara said...

People are coming to visit honey... better make a new post. Visit me to see why ;0)

cindy said...

I love it! And are not most things just one big scrapping opportunity? LOL! And blogging opportunity as well! Cute, cute class room my dear!

c (with no e)