Monday, July 19, 2010

Alice Swap

My friend Dee Dee and I are participating in and Alice Swap. We have been wanting to do one for a while. When we hear that the Graphic 45 Alice paper was at The Crafty Scrapper, we ran over before our retreat and then got busy.
Dee Dee had a fabulous idea to share swap some tags. These are the big boy tags that have some serious room for embellishing. I don't know which tag is my favorite....but I am always partial to the Mad Hatter. Probably because my Little Luke was the most precious Mad Hatter and then Sam had a wonderful time with his hand me down costume.
I inked these tags repeatedly and stamped them. Then I had fun tearing up paper and inking it. When I made the Queen tag, I can't help but picturing a little Rachel Rike yelling out, "All Ways are My Ways!" or "Get to the Part Where I Loose My Temper!"
This paper is mega cute with the Halloween additions. The Hatter is holding candy corn. The Queen has horns and a tail. Alice has a wicked, cool hat.
Now the Cat....he is just creepy to me.
I like the Rabbit. He is a tad neurotic. But, I really like that he wants to be punctual.
I had such a great time making the tags. I really didn't want to give them up. I took the pictures so I can recreate them for myself if I ever have enough time.

Friday, July 16, 2010


This is an album I made for my principal that highlights her first year as a principal and our brand new school. It is filled with as many pictures as I could put in of her son and her during the different events last year. It is just wating on the school song. I couldn't remember all the words. So Sam is going to have to help me out! I want it to be perfect.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goth Senior Album for my Favorite Graduate

I wanted to make something a little different than the average album. I wanted it to be edgy but pretty. I wanted it to be just like my cat. I asked Cat what color she wanted and she said, "Purple." There was no hesitation. Purple with a little red and black I figured would make a really cool gothy look. So I was searching around The Crafty Scrapper and found this album from Fancy Pants. The album has felt, acrylic, cardboard, cloth and mirrored pages. Just the unique mixture of textures I wanted. Then I saw the great paper that had been put over with some Twighlight themed supplies. I grabbed the Maya Mist and my Maya Road goodies and I was ready to go.

Since my friend Dee Dee got me started on these glittered flowers, I can't stop making them.

I told Cat to put the pictures she wanted in a shutterfly accoung. She had millions. I knew that each one was a special memory of her senior year, so I wanted all of them in the book. There was a problem because most were taken on her phone. Solution. I printed off tons of tiny pictures.

Since I don't normally put too many picts on a page, this was a little challenge. But I wanted the pages filled with memories and eye candy.

The felt page was fun. I put a Maya Road cut out page over it and misted with Pearl mist. Came out really cool. I didn't want to cover it up with picts.

You just can't beat UTEE for a cool effect. I wrote on the crown, misted then coated with UTEE.

I didn't have one of her mega cute senior picts, so I'm hoping that Cat will insert one here. I love the Maya bling.

She has some cute little prom picts. There is a whole cool store about her prom and her one act play that I hope she will jot down with her sharpie marker.

This is the cloth page. It just soaked up that Maya mist like nobody's business.

Her graduation was so cool because the graduating class was so small. They had a slide show for each child and the grads gave roses to important people in their lives.
This is my favorite page. I knew it would be. I worked on it (really more like stared at it) for hours. I used the Maya wings as a mask and misted. The torn paper is a pocket for a cute little Maya Road envelope where she can put memories of graduation.
The last two pages are just covered with paper so she can take her sharpie and go to town.
I really like projects like this that push me out of my little box filled with boy stuff. I was really happy with how it turned out.