Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to Mrs. Campbell's Classroom!

Come on in and look around! My desks are set up so I can pull a chair up to any group and conference with writing. I also have a meeting table set up in the front of the class.  When the kids need to work as a group, they simply turn the desks around.

On the front of my lockers are slash pockets.  The marker on the front of the pocket goes in our daily graph. It is easy for me to take attendance then.  I place all papers in the pockets.  My fourth graders take the papers out at the end of the day and put them in their take home folders.  I can quickly check to see who has not followed directions.
 My writers are all about adding bling to their compositions.  The little mirrored pieces are metal disks that roofers nail into.  I don't know what they are called, but when you buy a box it lasts for years!  I have used this box for ten years.  I use it on the back of everything I want to stick to my magnets.

You can see my window seat.  My pillows aren't ready yet.  The wall was inspired from pintrest, but I couldn't paint my back wall so I used felt and connected the wall with command product velcro strips. It has been hanging well.  The stars are just sticking to the other felt.  I am going to post my anchor charts on the red stripes.

The front of my cubbies were two posts ago. 

I don't use my file cabinet, so it is turned to make a huge Boggle board.

Here is a slightly blurry picture of my desk area. You can see my red desk. It is really fancy on top.  I have my pintrest file folder.

This is my center area, critical thinking board and daily graph area.

If you know me, you know I love books.  I use them all at some point of the year!

This is my happy spot during the year.  I'm hoping the kids will really like it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sneak Peek 3

I hae really been working on revamping my room.  I blame it all on Pintrest. 
Cookie sheet and glass blobs are from Dollar tree.  The Maya Road goodness and the other elements I already had.

My class is all over the school so I made a little where is Mrs. Campbell.  Pizza sheet from Dollar Tree.  I used some Maya Road goodness and an old Paper Bliss pencil I found and added a magnet to as a pointer. 

A trick.  If you didn't know it, Maya Road has computer templates for all of their chip board.  I open them and resize them in Photo Shop Elements and add writing. 

More pintrest fun.  Dollar Tree frames.  With the digital page underneath the glass. These frames are for documents so I don't have to cut anything. 

These projects are a really great way for me to use up some of my scrapping supplies!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sneak Peek 2

I did some more work in my classroom today.  I just have a little hodge podge to share.  Since my fourth grade class is departmentalized, my time with the students is short.  It is a whirl wind of activity!  I don't want the students to waste time looking for supplies.  So I keep each group well stocked. This year I am using these baskets.  I got them 3 for a dollar at Town Talk in Fort Worth.  The green ring around the bottom didn't fit with my Americana theme, so I covered it with a great bow made from left over ribbon and added a covered Maya Road star and number for each group.

During the day, my classroom is my happy spot.  This is part of my computer desk.  This has my personal supply cubby that I covered with Vintage Americana paper from Hobby Lobby.

 My Scentcy candle.  I got it last year on clearance after the Fourth of July.

I have a chipboard addiction so you can see my name hanging on the cabinet.

Clipboard- It is a plexiglass clipboard.  I glued everything underneath it so I can still write on a flat surface.  I don't like writing on mod podged paper.

I also have a Maya Road addiction.  You can see the huge bottle cap with a flower and a bingo number for a center.

The clock is a cheapy from Walmart, but I covered it with some great sparkly stickers!

My bouquet was made a couple of years ago. I want to say it was an all white set from Bo Bunny, but of course I couldn't leave it white!;)

You will notice I have a lot of Hello Kitties around my room.  The kids like giving them to me.  I love them too, but I only like the red bow kitties otherwise she will clash with my class.

I am working on some more suprises! Wait till you see what I did to my desk drawers!

Classroom Sneak Peek 1

I have had these Iris storage drawers/ tubs in my classroom for 15 years.  They were looking a bit shabby.  As a Pintrest addicts, I have seen some overhauls performed on the Sterilite tubs.  Many people Mod Podge the insides, or covered the inside of all of the drawer.  I felt like there needed to be an option that would allow me to change the theme if I needed to do so. 

So, I decided to cut 2.5 X 12" strips of scrapbook paper.  I made a lable with photoshop elements, matted it and then glued it to the strip. (I did ink each individual piece with Vintage Photo, because I am an inking junkie and love it when my fingers get all inky!) Afterwards, I laminated them.   Then I used doublesided tape on the ends and adhered it to the drawers.  Now if I want to change my them next year, I can just peel and go. 

It's very sturdy.  The broken drawers are hidden.  It gives the classroom a more unified feel. These tubs hold extra crayons, markers, and map colors.  I really hate it when kids stand at the color bucket sifting through them for what seems like hours searching for the right color.  Now when a student needs a red crayon, he or she opens the red drawer and the red crayon is staring at them.  They can grab and go!

This is my favorite little nook in my room so far.  My friend Laura gave me this little statue of L.B.J., my favorite president,  He is located in front of my Texas road maps and wildflower charts.  I bought these little bins from a store after the fourth of July for hardly anything.

Today my plan is to finish all six or seven of my storage tubs! Decorating the classroom is like making a very big scrapbook page!