Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome to the Tea Party

Vanessa thank you for inviting Sam and me for tea. If you haven't been to Vanessa's site make sure you to A Fanciful Twist.
Sam would like to draw a name from the list of visitors on Monday and send them a little remembrance of their visit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Blog Header!

I am so excited about THE MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY on Saturday! I had to upload my blog header to share with you! It is just a tiny sneak peak! I can't wait till you see what Sam and I have planned for Saturday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Party Reminder

Sam and I have already started out preparation for the party.
The info can be found here at Fanciful Twist! Vanessa is the bee's knees!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Have I Been Doing

One of these days I will get a great camera and build me a little place to take pictures of my LOs. I apologize for the quality of them...but I just wanted to share.

The first LO is a LO of Luke on his band trip. He had never tried Zots candy before. So in the second picture there is a little shock. The third picture has some great foam in the mouth. This paper was so much fun. I love that the die cuts have chipboard that fit them exactly. Luke loved the LO.

This LO is one that we took to Convention. Sporting some Luxe and Maya Roads chipboard. I loved playing with the Ranger crackle paint on all the chipoard letters and arrows. I used the Ranger misters and the perfect pearls to spray some shimmer on the trees. I can't keep the boys and the dogs out of the trees at my house. It is crazy!

This is another convention LO of my cute little cousin. I used Luxe and pink paislee paper. Maya Road Ribbon, Butterflies, Rubbons and Flowers. I also added glitz bling and some primas. She is just too darling. I was showing here that you don't always have to use card stock to mat your photos.

This cute little house was a class that Annette taught for The Crafty Scrapper at convention. I made one for myself to check out the directions. The directions were right on with great color photos. We used Maya Roads chipboard house with mini album, tree and key as well as felt pieces, ribbons and jotters. We used Pink Paislee paper and Ten Second Studio metal and tools.

The sparkle on the tree was made again with the Ranger Misters. It has to be my favorite tool!

This is a LO I made for a recipe swap at the Crafty Scrapper.

This is a sheer Maya Road album. I used the Cogsmo and Grungeboard to make this funny book about all the questions that Sam has. I called him on the phone to check on him and he bombarded me with questions so I wrote them down and scrapped them.

I played a lot here with some alchol inks. I'm really proud of my little saturn there in the corner. I was going for a spacey kind of feel with the alcohol paints. I'm goint to keep working on it.

This is an ATC that I made for a swap at TCS. Mega fun! We have been having so many swaps at the store.

That reminds me....we are putting together a Girl friend album for all the gals at TCS. This is what I posted on the forum.

The Crafty Scrapper is the best place in the world to scrap and one of the reasons that it is so successfull is because of all the girls and yes guys who come out to laugh, shop and share our experiences.We are going to have an awesome swap that I hope every single person will join. The purpose of the swap is to get to know each other better. the end, you will have an album full of pages about All the Crafty Scrappers.

What do you have to do?
1. You will need to sign up by responding to this post by July 4th.

2.Then you will make a page all about you with

*b'day (don't need year)
*address and email (incase we want to send you a party invitation)
*name on the forum
*favorites: color, music, books, crafting tool
*memory of the crafty scrapper
*anything else you want us to know.

3. Once sign ups are done, you will make one 8X8 LO on your favorite color cardstock for each person. The LOs should be identicle embellished to fit your personality.

4. You send them or bring them to the store by July 26th. I will then gather them all together and distribute them.I don't want anyone scared to join this swap. It isn't about the art work...but the people. Everyones art is precious and wonderful. Spread the word and tell all of your friends. I'm also going to have this posted at the store. Let's all get involved.

These are just a few things that I have done. Tomorrow, I am going to post some of the things I have been making for my new class room.

Well...I've finished with my novel. Thanks for reading.

Are You Ready to Party?!

Vanessa is throwing a party! Here is her blog :
Well she is having a party on Saturday the 28th. And guess what everyone is invited! I don't even know Vanessa...but I can't pass up a party! I can't wait!
Sam and I will be getting ready for the party this week. I see a photo trip to the botanical gardens coming on as we get ready! I hope you will all join in!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Happy Day

I just wanted to share a layout of my most recent Happy Day! I think that the picture says it all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Brook in a Pickle

Rusty Pickle that is! LOL! This months paper sponsor at Scrap Shanty is Rusty pickle. They sent an acrylic tag album and Pop Star paper for us to play with. This is what I came up with.

This LO is like a digi Quick Page. All I had to do was just plop the picts down on the page. I did do a little altering.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have to say that I had a blast working the convention. I had the most hectic and fun filled time meeting new people telling them about product and sharing my love for scrapping.

I didn't get there until day two. Here we can see Carolyn still looking quite chipper.

Here are some pictures of the booth. It was gorgeous, filled with eye candy and product. Sherri and Carolyn really out- did themselves on the design.

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Here is the bain or our existance. There was a power surge and it took out cash register out. So for two hours while Nolan was out getting a new cash register, we had two calculators. We were counting out change old school. My brain has never worked so hard! Oh and did I mention even with a calculator, the line was wrapped around our booth?

Thank goodness for Ruthie. She stepped right in and helped us. She has a way with a crowd. She was calm cool and collected. Ruthie is my hero!

Nolan was a hoot! He was hawking for us. "Let's hear it for the Crafty Scrapper!" "Come on in to The Crafty Scrapper!" Plus he was putting n big plugs for the Waxahachie Chamber of commerce and tourism there on the square, so I think the whole town of Waxahachie owes him a debt of gratitude.

Once Nolan got back with a new register, he was able to get the old register working as well so we had two registers going!

Here we are at the end of day 2. Still smilin'.

Notice there are no pictures of day three. I only got out of the booth to go to the restroom and visit the bra ladies. (I needed to get two things at convention and managed to come home with neither!)

Carolyn decided to work the crop that we did that. Here we are after the crop. Heidi is looking peppy still.

Joanna helped with tear down and the crop. Here she is helping Nolan load the truck.
Carolyn is all business here with Nolan's handy dandy all purpose knife.
By the time I was finished with only two days of convention....I was toast. It has taken me a day and half just to gather the energy to post about it. I'm tired, but still filled with my scrappy high! I hope that all the new friends that we made will join us in Waxahachie soon! It was really awesome to be part of the most popular booth at the convention!

I was really too tired to come up with a new this is the same one I posted on TCS design team blog.