Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Book Bag

Happy Fourth of July!  Even though school is a month and a half away, I am getting ready.  This is my new school bag.

Last month, my mom and I were looking for a craft to make for our family reunion.  We were in JoAnn's where I saw these cute wicker bags.  They reminded me so much of the loop tug canvas that I told my mom I thought that it would really be cute with strips of fabric to make a flag on the side.

My mother made a precious bag.  I really wanted it, but alas. one of my of my cousins outbid me during the family reunion's silent auction.  I was very upset.

Imagine my suprise when I walked into my momma's house and saw this sweet bag!  I think it is even more precious than the last one she made!

The project is pretty easy.  Cut your inch and a half wide strips. Fold the material over and push the fold through the openings.  Then, pull the free ends through the loop.  Finally knot. Place two or three knots in open section.    My mother used some off white, red and light denim material.  She then added cute wooden stars. 

I can't wait to carry my school books in my new bag!