Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me.

Well...I've been married 20 years today. gift for me. Instead, my son got the most awesome gift in the mail today from his friends LeRoy the Sealion in England and Monkey in Dallas. Now...if you are not a huge football (soccer as we call it on this side of the pond) fan you may not understand Sam's excitement here. This is an official jersey for England's National Soccer team. Note the Three Lions on the patch. He is also very impressed with the metal golden star above the patch. Sam is in soccer heaven. He wanted to wear his jersey out in the fog and go kick the ball around in the mud. The mother in me did tell him to hold off until we have drier ground. So today turns out okay because seeing Sam this excited and happy made my day! Thanks LeRoy and Monkey and all the Sea Lions. We love you!
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Christina said...

That jersey is just too cool!

And about your anniversary;
There has to be a special place for you in heaven for having put up with that fool for 20 years!


Kristie said...

Hugs Brook.

Tell Sam he looks great in his new jersey!

Chris said...

sweet photo! what an awesome shirt. my h and I don't do anniversary gifts. never have. is this year different for you? anywy, I love your Christmas card! I, too, have 3 boys (and now 1 girl), but when I only had the 3 boys, my cards were always more on the humorous side, as well, because the photos were always goofy. I loved them, though. you couldn't get them to pose those ways if you tried. I have many pics of my 3 in a tree just like that. I usually entitled them "the monkeys".

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Well, glad someone gets gifts!! I suppose after 20 years you know not to expect one, huh? Sam looks estatic!

Dee Dee said...

I love how excited Sam looks. I'm sorry your anniversary was a disappointment. Maybe you can plan something special this weekend?

Leroy SeaLion said...

How great to see Sam looking so happy and wearing his shirt. We might be calling on him to play for the England team to help us to qualify for the world cup in 2010. I know he would be a credit to the team and we would be sure to qualify with his help, maybe even win the world cup, you never know.

Libby said...

happy anniversary =]