Monday, March 3, 2008

The Crafty Scrapper

The Crafty Scrapper is my happy place. It is the place that I love to go. If anyone asks me, "Brook, where would you like to go today?" I would say, "Well, The Crafty Scrapper of course."
The place has style and personality. The shop is exciting and ever changing. It is total eye candy and a joy for the senses!
But as much as I love all the stuff, it is the gals that I love. You can buy things anywhere, but you just can't get the personal attention and warmth from other places. The gals that work here are artists and they love what they do! The love for their is evident.
I love this add that Marie Q made for them. It really says it all for me. You can see all the great products and crafts but at the heart, the big picture, is that it is the gals that make the shop!

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The Crafty Scrapper said...

OMG Brook, I just saw this. You are just too sweet, what makes us love our job are customers like you who have turned into our dear friends.

Love ya,