Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classroom Sneak Peek 1

I have had these Iris storage drawers/ tubs in my classroom for 15 years.  They were looking a bit shabby.  As a Pintrest addicts, I have seen some overhauls performed on the Sterilite tubs.  Many people Mod Podge the insides, or covered the inside of all of the drawer.  I felt like there needed to be an option that would allow me to change the theme if I needed to do so. 

So, I decided to cut 2.5 X 12" strips of scrapbook paper.  I made a lable with photoshop elements, matted it and then glued it to the strip. (I did ink each individual piece with Vintage Photo, because I am an inking junkie and love it when my fingers get all inky!) Afterwards, I laminated them.   Then I used doublesided tape on the ends and adhered it to the drawers.  Now if I want to change my them next year, I can just peel and go. 

It's very sturdy.  The broken drawers are hidden.  It gives the classroom a more unified feel. These tubs hold extra crayons, markers, and map colors.  I really hate it when kids stand at the color bucket sifting through them for what seems like hours searching for the right color.  Now when a student needs a red crayon, he or she opens the red drawer and the red crayon is staring at them.  They can grab and go!

This is my favorite little nook in my room so far.  My friend Laura gave me this little statue of L.B.J., my favorite president,  He is located in front of my Texas road maps and wildflower charts.  I bought these little bins from a store after the fourth of July for hardly anything.

Today my plan is to finish all six or seven of my storage tubs! Decorating the classroom is like making a very big scrapbook page!

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Tracy M. Custer said...

I love your Americana themed storage tubs! I am also going with a red, white, and blue classroom this year.