Monday, August 6, 2007

Five Random Things About Me

So you don't think that I just love talking about myself....I will let you know that this is yet another challenge from Scrapbook Chalet. I supposed to be letting you know 5 things about me.
1. I am the only girl in a house with four males. Even the dog is a boy. Well maybe I'm not the only girl....The rat, Mrs. Snappy, is female. Does she get to count?
2. I change my hair color like some people change socks. I never really know what color my hair will be until I look in the mirror after Katie (who I taught back in '94) colors it. For the most part, I don't really care what color it is. I like it in the redish area. I don't know why I color it. I don't have grey hair (or I didn't have it the last time it was uncolored) and my reddish brown hair is nice. Dying just something I do.
3. Since I mentioned my former student, I will tell you that I am starting my 20th year of teaching. Three years in third grade, four years in fourth grade and thirteen years in first grade. I love teaching first grade. I love watching the students learn how to read!
4. I used to be a Madonna Impersonator when I was in college. I would lip sinc to material girl and do a nice little dance routine.
5. I read Vampire trash, as my husband calls it. When I was around twelve, I watched Salem's Lot, The Exorcist and The Omen. Plus some girl scout were murdered. These events combined with my way to active imagination, we enough to keep me from sleeping all summer. It bothered me that I was scared of Vampires, so I made myself start reading about them. Now....I'm hooked on a couple of series so I keep reading.
Well enough about me. Why don't you write 5 random things about you and let me know when you do. I'd love to read about you.


Diana said...

Those are fun! I think red hair suits you!

bahama97 said...

My daughter is the same way with hair color. She says she is addicted to it LOL!

lam said...

thanks for sharing, that was fun to read

Suzanne said...

Great page, I loved reading about you. Love your red hair too.

And WOW at the Madonna impersonations, I bet you had a great time doing that!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

love Red....
Vampire books??? I didn't even know they existed...such a sheltered life I home scrap work home scrap
Thanks for sharing all of this awesome stuff