Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love Hate Relationship

This is another blog entry for the blog challenge at Scrapbook Chalet. I decided that I would tell you about my love, hate relationship. Depending on which day you talk to me, I will love our hate Ben and Jerry. I have a weakness for Phish Food. It is so rich it almost makes my jaws lock. Before the boys were tall enough to reach the freezer, I could keep a pint of it there for a month taking a spoonful at a time. Now, I hurry and eat all I can so the boys don't eat it all. It makes me hate the stuff. So....I don't get it too often. Only as a special treat or when I am feeling really down.
I was going to make sure that I had a new blog entry everyday this moth....but alas, I already missed a day. Clays mother's ancient computer wouldn't read a flash drive and would let me upload a pict. Argh! Oh well!


Robin (Tqmnurse) said... cream (in my best homer simpson impersonation) LOL.....what a great love hate relationship...TFS

lam said...

what a fun layout

Jozzie said...

Great job in doing this challenge! Thanks for playing!

Scrappy Moments said...

Oh this is SOooCute. Made My Day, LOve What you did with The Cow Caption. What a Great Layout :)