Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Little Hive

Well every Queen Bee, needs a little house to call her own. This is my hive! I love it. It isn't a whole room. (I may do that when Cody leaves the nest.) But it is a little place where my favorite things reside.

This desk is Clay's old desk. I sanded it, painted it, and deco'ed it all by myself. Then after a little trip to the Container Store, I had my shelves.

There are many things that I love. I love my buckets that have my scissors and stamping supplies. I also love the baskets for my ribbon. I used plastic needle point canvas. I notched them, wrapped my ribbon around them. Then I placed them in the basket and wrapped a ribbon around the basket. I wrapped ribbon around my pen basket also.

I have little jars for my flowers. Jars filled with all sorts of little goodies.

Now you can see that I need to file some paper. I'll get around to it. I have some specialty files like boys, holidays ect... The other files are put together by color. I do ahve a separate elfa tower that has a drawer for each boy. That way, I can throw things in the drawer and get around to it later.

Where ther little blank spot is over the desk, is where I mount my mirror so I can watch the t.v. behind me.

A lot of my things are missing because they are still packed from my last crop. I'm going to another one on the 18th, so I don't know if I will unpack or leave it in my bags until then. I'm feeling a tad lazy, so they will probably stay where they are for now! LOL!

I eventually want to get another work space to put beind so I can trun my chair around and work on it. (Does that make any sense?) Then I can have my Wishblade set up permanently. I'm also going to recover my nasty blue chair with some happy material.

This is my happy space. I like to just go in there and sit sometimes. If I could keep the boys away from my things it would be better.
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Robin said...

wow! Brooke...that is an amazing layout...and I love the desk! You rocked it girlfriend. BTW, aren't you just loving these scrapbook chalet blog challenges?

Didi said...

What a cool space! I love how organized you are....I can only dream of being is just not gonna happen I don't think!

Dee Dee said...

A lovely stash you have Brook. Did you ever get your second table? I mean your new cricut needs space afterall. ;)