Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Best Friends

Another challenge from the Chalet is to write about my best friend. Well, I have two friends that I want to write about.

Sandy is my partner in crime at school. We have been such good friends for so long. We have laughed together and cried together. She is a totally awesome teachers, the best I have ever met. I want to teach just like her. You couldn't ask for a better friend or a sweeter person. She has a great new grandbaby now, Miss Kaitlin. There is never a dull day with Sandy.

Stacie is my scrappin' friend. We became good friends because we both LOVE to scrap! We go to crops together and have made several road trips together. She makes me laugh so hard that it is hard not to pee in my pants! She is a great support in my scrappin' endeavors. She has a little girl who is quite the little actress. Stacie is about to be mega busy!

These two gals are wonderful women and I am really proud to call them friend.


Didi said...

What beautiful friends...inside and out! Don't worry....I will be jumping right back in the games...weekends are almost always like that for me. Thanks for the comments!!!!!

lam said...

that´s awesome to have friends way back from school and friends to scrap with.

Sandy said...

Wow! Brook you always make me feel so very special. You are a great friend. I know God put you in my life for a reason!!

Treighsie said...

You are so lucky to have such good friends! I would love to havea friend who makes me laugh so hard that I want to pee my pants!!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

what awesome friends.....I can hardly wait to make my post about this topic!