Monday, July 9, 2007

Feelin' Happy about Sam but Not so Scrappy

Some of my favorite Scrappin Sistas are having babes. We have been talking a lot about it on the list. It started me thinking about Sam and how tiny he was. This is the paper LO that I did for him in his baby book.
You can see how tiny he was in the top pict. The purple glove there belonged to a really small little nurse. It is the first pict we took. The next pict is the second pict we took. He is covered with some plastic that was peeled back kinda like a tv dinner. (that was the thought that ran through my mind at the time) Then the next pict is Sam resting underneath the light to stop that jaundice. I couldn't touch him for three days. So I would just stare at him for hours. He is a miracle.

Sometimes I just get a little scrapper's block. Today was one of those days. I did three LOs that I totally ditched. I even grabbed a template, because I thought that would help. It didn't chances are I'm feeling too guilty about not working on my curriculum. But I didn't feel guilty enough to actually do it.
But yesterday, I did scrap some. I was very excited when I went to and saw my LO of Cat featured on the home page. I was so excited.

I used Kris Myer's new "Americana" kit and templates. I loved it! It is one of those kits I can used again and again!

There are some LO's that I have made that I haven't posted so here they are.

Thanks for Lookin'!


Diana said...

Love em! You are really doing great stuff digitally. That page of Sam is precious too - wow what memories you must have of that time!

Sara said...

Holy cow woman!!! That's a lotta pages! When do you go to the bathroom???

You do very nice work - you'll hafta teach me a LITTLE (I'm not crossing over, I'm not crossing over...)

I particularly like the Beach Bum page. Love it that it's a little baby bum ;0) Now I'm inspired to steal your title and find some pix of my little bum's bums on the beach.

Cricket said...

Man he sure was a tiny little guy!! Great layout. You sure are rockin' the digi stuff!!