Friday, July 13, 2007

Jumping for Joy

This layout of my dad and my niece Rachel was placed on the cover of today! I'm really excited! Not only for the honor, but because the LO is about a a great event. My niece Rachel has autism and has really started to show some great improvement. When we visited my brother's family I could see some great progress. In this picture, she reached up for my dad to pick her up and she gave him some sugar. Then she grabbed his hand and took him over to the little trampoline. She then started jumping. If daddy let go, she would grab his hands again. She wanted to jump high! She tired daddy out. He had to sit down!
This trip was so wonderful because she would finally look at us. There were no pictures of the back of Rachel's head!


Sandy said...

What wonderful news! I know everyone was excited to see the improvement. I'm very happy for you all.

tiedupinribbons said...