Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scrappin' Break

Well...I have been working really hard today on the Math Curriculum. I'm not sure that any amount of pay is worth this. I just keep thinking that this is my Christmas money for the guys. I have almost finished 12 weeks of school.
Since I worked so hard, I rewareded myself by scrappin. This is what I did.

Sam's 5 mos. picts that I took back in 2000.

This is a LO of Amanda
This is a LO about Cody and his girlfriend. I didn't much care to hear him telling her that he loved her. That was just the mom in me. But, I know he does. First love can be pretty intense. She is a very sweet little girl.

As a little girl I just remember having a lot of fun! This is me at 4 having fun in North Carolina.

Well...I have to decide now....Sleep....Work...or Scrap....Hmmm...I wonder which I will do!


Cricket said...

awesome layouts! Guess it pays to stay up scrappin' huh? LOL. Really like that last one of you when you were 4, so cute!!


Debby said...

I love your blog and your blinkies are very cute!