Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Tonight

I couldn't sleep so I have been digital scrappy. This is me all dressed up for a visit with my granny. Credits: SV Designs-Coral reef lime- paper,AEK- Gems and Flowers, Susan Carlson-beads, Michelle Swadling-Alphabet, Font- Prestina

This was the entertainment for Sam's first Sleepover. The result was one ugly cake. Ther result was a very ugly cake. Credits- Paper-SV designs coral reef cirlces, Fonts-Rebekah's Birthday-Sandals

I found this great poems about stick shift cars and Sam and I had just had a conversation about this very topic. So I made a LO. Font: Put Another One In

This is a LO of Clay and I on my B'day. Credits: Stacy Carlson's Rustic Love

Sam says he isn't my baby any more. So I guess he is my boy. Credits:Rhonna Farrer 2-s sewscrappea bandanna, Jeannie Papai birthday sticker boy, Ida Another circus doodle1

I've really been enjoying digital scrapping because it doesn't make my house any messier than it already is. I just have to get some of them printed out.


Maria said...

Hi Brook! I never thanked you for your prayers for thank you. You were a busy gal last night. Would you believe that while you couldn't sleep, last night was one of the nights I could sleep? You probably don't want to hear that right now though, lol. Love your layouts and seeing your family and how much you love them. Get some rest. Love, Maria

Cricket said...

Those are some great digi layouts Brook!


kath said...

Awesome layouts. : )

Sara said...

I'm just wondering when you're going to sell all your REAL scrapbooking stuff... Keep me at the front of the line, K? ;0)

Seriously - nice job on the layouts! (Better do some of your other babies though... Sam is going to be able to say 'mom likes me best' ;0)

Love ya!