Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Shari's List

Today I was visiting my friend Shari's Blog. She is such a wise woman. She said that these are the five things that she tries every day to do.

- Do one thing I don't want to do
- Find something to look forward to
- Spend a little individual time with each child
- Spend a little one-on-one time with DH
- Do something that's fun with the kids

I am really going to try to do these things on a daily basis. The thing that I don't want to do would probably be cleaning something. Finding something to look forward to is easy. It is easy to find some time for Sam, we read everyday. Luke is easy because I listen to him play his tuba every day. Cody is a little harder. Seventeen year olds don't really want to spend quality time with mom on a daily basis. I'm really going to work on that. Clay and I have really made sure that through the years we spend one on one time together. The hardest thing will be to do something fun with the kids. By the time we do homework, soccer practice, pick up and eat, the night is gone. I'm thinking I might have to have a little joke time every night since my guys like jokes so much. That is quick but fun. So if any of you have some clean jokes appropriate for my 7-17 year old let me know.

Shari thank you so much for your thoughts and the challenge it has presented to me.


Sharie said...

Hi Brook,

Thanks for your nice comments. I'm glad those five things might work for you, too. I have had less guilt in my life since I've taken them on!

Your friend,

Tracy said...

Good for you Brook!! Here is a joke Kamryn told me this week. "What time is it when 12 dogs are chasing after 1 cat?" Answer: "12 after 1" :o)