Sunday, April 22, 2007

New LO/ Playing with PSE 4.o

I did this LO for three people. One is Sara who said that Sam was going to start thinking that he is my favorite. Two is Mare who was talking about colorizing (for lack of a better word) last week. Three is Cody.

I really wanted to try to colorize a black and white. Steps made simple.

1. I placed the pict.

2. Then I went to layer and duplicated the layer.

3. Then I clicked enhance. Went to change hue and saturation. I just moved the little arrows until it was black and white.

4. Then I clicked on the eraser and started erasing the area I wanted to have color. (I did zoom in so I could see it better.)

5. Then I flattened the image. It was great fun.

The papers and ribbons are M Rose Casual. The frame is Mary Lemmons.

Can you tell what it is that I colored on Cody's pict? I'll send a little gift in the mail to the first one who gets it right!


Stacie said...

It's the USA.

{jennie} said...

Stacie is quick!
It's the USA outline.
Great job!

Diana said...

Ooh cool - I didn't see it right away! Beautiful page!

Sara said...

It's not the USA... it's the water AROUND the USA ;0)

Gorgeous son! ;0) Better start working out that stick swinging arm to whack the girls away :0)

Kristie said...

Cute layout! I see the USA also.

Pat said...

The decal on his shirt.

kath said...

Very nice! Is it the US or the MTV logo? lol

Tracy said...

Very cool Brook...I am inspired to play!