Sunday, April 22, 2007


I guess as a mom there are times that you are plagued by guilt. This was one of those times. Luke started having headaches last year and after about 3 months I called our eye doc and he was out of town. So, I took him to Wal-Mart. (I really didn't feel like it would be that big a deal.) The doc there said he had to have glasses. So, my mom took him to buy him a nice pair of those glasses that are bendy.

Well in February, I noticed that the poor boy was squinting. He was also having more headaches. The poor boy is just about blind. So he has a great pair of bifocals now, he wanted to put them in the same frames. The doctor said he had no idea how Luke could even see the ball while playing soccer, so over $500 dollars later the boy had a nifty pair of sports googles. They are so impressive that something could hit him going 1oo mph and his glasses wouldn't shatter and break. Of course at that speed, I would think that he should get out of the way.

I felt so bad that the poor boy was blind and wasn't even really complaining. Every other boy in the house would have made a big deal about it. Not my Lukey.
BTW- My friend Stacie has one the award for guessing that I had indeed colorized the outline of the United States on Cody's shirt.

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Tracy said...

Brook...don't feel bad. When Matt broke his wrist I blew him off. There was no swelling he was fine! Luke looks handsome in his new glasses :o)