Sunday, April 8, 2007


This Easter day I'm sitting here feeling in awe of the grace and mercy of God. He has continuously showered his love on me through the years. As I sit here pondering the gifts God has given me topping my list today are my family and friends.

My friends are a source of joy and inspiration. I just finished a little mini retreat with my friends Stacie (good friend and scrappin' buddy) and Karen our friend from Kansas. We had a wonderful day of scrappin' and shoppin'. My great on line scrapping buddies have seen me through the good, the bad and the ugly. Yesterday I was working on plans to meet up with my most energetic friend Sara this June in Kerville with my friends Stacie and Karen. Hopefully we will be adding Shari and Maria to the mix. All of us crammed into the house together will be a hoot. I can't even think of making it through the day at work without my best friend Sandy. She helps keep me on my toes and creating new things for the kids to do. Of course I am most thankful for my best friend of 20 years, Clay. It is so nice just being married to such a great guy. We have been through so much together and I can't do without him.

Now I dont' think that anyone could have a better family than I have been blessed with. I have these three wonderful boys who are my constant joy. Even when things go wrong, I can still look for the blessing. My mom and dad would do absolutely anything in the world in their power to make me happy. I am so proud of my brother and his family and their dedication to the Lord in their new life in Arkansas. I wasn't able to have the big Easter celebration with everyone this year, but I am still filled with joy because even though my granny is in the hospital, she is on the mend. She should be going home soon. So I can really say that God is good!

I'm happy and loving the life that God has given me.

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Sara said...

Most energetic huh? I don't think so... Maybe the most brain damaged though! Don't confuse energy with bad judgment and lack of sleep ;0)

Love ya' babe and can't wait for our "week of fun!"