Saturday, April 14, 2007

What Brook Needs

My friend Shari and some other of my internet girl friends have been playing this funny game. We go to google and type in quotes our name and the word needs. Some gals came up with a few responses others came up with pages of lists. I had 48 pages of needs. Apparently I am really needy!

These are a few of the things that popped up.

Brook needs to encourage development (I would like to encourage people to develop their talents and creativity.)

Brook needs $150000 (I could use a lot more, but I will settle for that.)

Brook needs to pick up the intensity (I'm hoping that some new medication will help with that because I have surely been dragging lately.)

Brook needs to be by herself for a little while and stop throwing herself at every man (This was a new one for me. I do need some time by myself. That doesn't happen with all the men in my house.)

(brook) needs attention (I really don't know if I need that. I think it might be nice to be unnoticed for a while.)

Brook needs it (Hmmm....If I was defining the IT, I would say IT would be a vacation. 28 days and counting!)

Brook - Needs You! (I need all of my friend that is for sure!)

Brook Needs A Bigger Stage. (I would really like to be on stage again sometime. I miss acting a lot. It is fun directing all of the plays for the kids but there is really nothing like being on stage.)

Brook needs five anesthetists (For what I can only guess. I do have to say that if I have to have one of those esophagial motility studies again, I might need them to put me out.)

I have to say though that I truly believe that I have all that I need. My family is healthy, safe and happy. I have the best friends. Best of all..........summer is on the way! God is good!

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Brook said...

funny... I just did this and for obvious reasons, your page came up to the top of the list. thanks for doing my homework for me mrs. teacher!

Mr. Brook D.