Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I can't tell you how proud I am of Luke this year. He has done a fantastic job this year learning to play the tuba. It is amazing to think that just a few months ago he sounded like a cow in pain. Now he has great tone and clarity. He has been in first chair for almost the whole year.
He played two solos back to back at Solo and Ensemble. He played "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Cavatina." He got a division I on both of them. The judge told him how impressed he was. Many high school kids couldn't play two solos in a row like that. He was so excited when he saw those two I's on the posting.
Today his band went to the Sandy Lake Band Competition. His band received a rating of a I. Then to make the day even better, they one first place and were named Band of the Day! How great is that!
We really have our fingers crossed that when he auditions for the junior high band, he will be selected for the honors band. That way, he will get band every day instead of every other day.
Luke is such a neat guy and he has worked so hard. He deserves to have great things happen to him.
Contest- Luke was given $20 when he left for Sandy Lake Amusement Park. Each ticket is 50 cents. Most rides cost $1-$2. He spent all of his money on tickets. How many tickets did he come home with. Closest guess gets a little prize from me.


Stacie said...

I'll say he came home with 7 tickets... :0)

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

My guess is 4!

Love the layout and congrats to Luke and his band for their awesome performance!


Cricket said...

Congrats to Luke and his band, that's fabulous!!

Nice layout!!


kath said...

Way to go Luke!!! Woo hoo!!

Cute layout...and I guess ZERO tickets, lol.